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We post the latest tech news to keep you updated and we also provide tips and tricks which can be beneficial for any person, especially those interested in technology. We also offer udemy course coupons for those who are interested to learn new skills.

About Us

Rounak Agrawal   

"Believe in Yourself"
Hi I am Rounak Agrawal. I am a tech freak and a full-stack developer. I have proficient knowledge of web and mobile application development. We decided to open this platform for many other enthusiasts who want to learn more about technology. Many of us want to start our career in the IT field still we are confused about where to begin. That's where we come in; we will help you with such problems. You can ask us all your doubts through our Instagram page. We'll reach out to you soon. We'll also be sharing valuable udemy courses to help you improve your skills and take a step closer to your dream.

Ujjawal Thakur   

“Knowledge is the most precious ornament.”

Hi I’m Ujjawal Thakur and I believe in knowledge, I believe in the power of technology. We’re living in the age of revolution, in the age of information, where everything you want, everything you need is just one-click away. I believe with proper information you can change the face of world, change the course of evolution. And scientifically, information follows conservation law, so don't hesitate to take your share.

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"We would like to express gratitude to Mr. Bhawesh Chaudhary, CEO of Nest Nepal for helping us bring this project to life. Do check out Nest Nepal if you need SSD hosting at a cheap price (Cheapest I've seen so far) with no compromise in the quality. Contact Us for more help regarding domain and hosting."

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