The reason behind global Internet Outage

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A major global outage on the morning of June 8, caused many popular websites inaccessible for more than an hour.

"Error 503: service unavailable" is an error response code that indicates the server is not ready to handle the request.

The Global Outage on June 8, 2021, was a result of an issue with the Content Delivery Network (CDN) of American Cloud Computing services provider "Fastly".

To get a better depth of the issue, read below:

What is Fastly?
Fastly is an American cloud computing services provider. It describes its network as an edge cloud platform. which is designed to help developers extend their core cloud infrastructure to the edge of the network, closer to users. The Fastly edge cloud platform includes their content delivery network (CDN), image optimization, video and streaming, cloud security, and load balancing services.

What is a CDN?
A content delivery network, or content distribution network, is a highly distributed platform of servers that helps minimize delays in loading web page content by reducing the physical distance between the server and the user. This helps users around the world view the same high-quality content without slow loading times.

Reason For the Error:
In their blog, Fastly depicted that the problem was triggered due to an undiscovered bug, that went into action when one of its customers put in a very specific configuration under very specific circumstances. The Company has disabled that setting now. Services for the sites and apps started to be restored around 7 am. ET, although Fastly said some customers experienced longer load times as a residual effect of the problem.
Some of the big sites like, Reddit, Twitch, Spotify, Pininterest, stack overflow, HBO max, PayPal, Quora, and others became victims of the outage.

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