Network Ethical Hacking

Created 3 years ago

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Hacking is a science similar to any other science. In this course, you'll learn the basics of hacking which will support you to start by yourself to develop your hacking skills to an advanced level. This course considers you have no prior knowledge in hacking or in Linux operating system, & by the end of it, you’ll be able to hack systems like great hackers and keep yourself secured like security experts!
This course is practical but it will not ignore the theory. We will start with Kali Linux basics, then will try to make you comfortable with the Linux environment. Then we will learn how to install the needed software (VirtualBox, Kali Linux, Windows 10) as virtual machines then we will start the hacking adventure.
The course is divided into 5 sections, (Introduction, Pre-Attack Phase, Attack Phase, Post-Attack Phase, and How to Keep Yourself Protected). In Summary, in this course YOU WILL LEARN THE FOLLOWING:

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