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Created 2 years ago

An enormous response has burst out on the internet on the release of the CG net. The high-speed internet provision of the company with the lowest cost has appealed to people and made people eager to buy the package.

Nirvana Chaudhary, the Managing Director of the CG group and Vice-Chairman of the Chaudhary Foundation said that they were overwhelmed by such a huge and unexpected response from the people on the very first day. He also said that they had to immediately increase the number of the customer care staff, toll-free numbers, and other ways to connect to them after seeing the response on the first day. He also said that there is no defect in the customer care units, as their top priority is the satisfaction of the customers and they have opened many ways to connect to them such as social media, website, toll-free numbers, and multiple customer care numbers. CG net assures that anyone that orders the internet service gets registered in the database of CG net and follow-up will reach them. No one shall stress about their internet connectivity after asking for a subscription. One can track where the works of Internet installation are being continued and whether it has reached their area or not from the CG net official website.

He also explained the reason behind having only one package for now. He said that multiple packages could intimidate and confuse the customers about what to choose and what not. They only want to make things simple for the customers. So, only the package of 120 Mbps has been introduced. He pointed towards reducing chaos among customers from multiple packages and being able to give better customer service. He said that they believed in having simple and understandable communication between the customers and the ISP.

The cost of the package is mentioned on the website and no extra amount of money is to be paid than mentioned on the website. However, the 13% VAT is compulsory and is to be added to the cost of the package.

The amazingly low cost of the CG net is due to the entrance of the new fiber technology in the internet field of Nepal. This new technology is going to level up the game of Internet Service in Nepal. Moreover CG net has clearly stated that they plan to reduce the cost of the Internet rather than pulling it up. They said that we are constantly working with the vision of reducing the cost that we have allocated and how to make it more affordable. But it does not mean that they are doing it by bearing a loss as no business is meant to have a loss and they have a long-term vision. The only reason behind it is the introduction of new technology which has benefited them and the benefits are shared to the customers in the form of low cost and low overrates. CG communications look forward to bringing more such innovative high-quality products to the service of the people of Nepal as mentioned by The Managing Director of CG group.

CG net also wishes to add IP tv to their internet service but in a revolutionized way. Since the IP TVs available till now in Nepal are no different than the Satellite TVs, CG net wishes to break this monotony and bring some fascinating changes to it. However, at this moment, they are only focused on distributing the Internet services to the Kathmandu Valley and then to different parts of Nepal. They also look forward to bringing more offers for Students, Gamers, Corporate Agencies, and people living below the poverty line.

The ultimate goals of this new initiative are life-changing. This initiative is thought to bring a change in the economy of the country, open new opportunities to the people, as the affordable net prices will peak up the internet users in the country. More and more people will get to learn about new technologies and more internet-oriented technologies will get to enter our homes and workhouses. Data costs, SMS, and call costs will be reduced by the entrance of new technologies. We are now looking towards the brightest days to come.


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