Calyx OS : "Privacy Matters"

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Are you privacy conscious? Are you unhappy of your privacy being stolen by these tech giants?
Are you even not aware of it?

Well then, before talking about Calyx, let's talk about Android. Your cute and favourite operating system.
Surprisingly, Android, a smartphone OS which dominates the world today was built during the crisis age of Google with no hopes from it. During that time, Google was lagging behind Apple in Smartphone race, so they built an open source software called Android, so that people might use it as it was free and it's code was publicly accessible. But soon, Android gained a massive popularity and the smart phone companies started to benefit from it while Google simply didn't. Why?? Remember it was an open source software.

It was when Google realized that they had to channel this user base of their OS to their benefits. So, they started to replace the Android features like Calendar, YouTube, Email etc. with their own improved ones, which obviously were closed source software. It means one cannot know about it's code, hence what data it's collecting.
You might remember clicking on Agree on every dialog box after downloading an App. Don't lie, I know you do ! Let me tell you a secret, I do it too, why wouldn't I? It isn't a sin right? Well, that's you or me giving consent to Google Play Services to collect your data. Like a demon can only enter your house with consent, it's just like that. But after consent, you never know what data is being collected. You just know that the data is being collected.
You do know that, right ?

Well, collecting these data are actually quite necessary for the proper functioning of the apps and browsers. But since, Google is an advertisement company, it can just use this data to slap you with the right ad at the right time and trick you into buying a product. Felt painful right? And dumb too..
So, where's my privacy myannnn???
Well, good luck finding that, mate.

Now that's where Calyx OS comes to play. You might remember Android is an open source software at its core, right? Well, Calyx uses that core and just replaces the Google Services layer with MicroG, which actually makes your activity anonymous.
" Wait, am I a hacker now ? "
Noooo, it just makes your activity untraceable. So, you can download apps, watch YouTube, send emails to your girlfriend without having to log into a single account. It even has two playstores.

1. F-Droid :
Which contains all the open source softwares which do not collect your data.

2. Aurora App store :
Which is basically the Play store. The only difference is that you have to download an app from your account in a normal Android phone whereas Aurora, here, downloads the app from Google for you and then delivers it to you. You can also select the level of privacy you need for every apps on your phone through Calyx. I mean, how cool is that? It's like setting your own fence.

But why isn't Calyx so popular? Well, because Calyx is not a very funded company, it just has 11 members. It's not even compatible on every phones for now. And the biggest smartphones which rely for everything on Google , wouldn't betray them, right? That would be so evil, man.

But Calyx has so many features that I couldn't even include in this description. Well, why don't you give a search and find out about it? I know it's not easy but trust me for once it would be worth your time. By the way, I'm still talking about Calyx, ok!!

And last but not the least, please share about this to your friends, due to the anomalous expansion of knowledge, it increases on sharing.


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